Nooka Zem Zoo Wrist Watch

Nooka Zem Zoo Wrist Watch


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Get inspired with this Zem Zoo Wrist Watch by Nooka. Dreamed up in NYC, Nooka aspires to bring the philosophy of 'universal language' to the masses. Through a passion for powerful design, Nooka uses inspired form and function as a visual language to promote the exchange of ideas across the globe. Inspired by the geometric shaping of gems, the Zem?s unique casing gives it a larger feel and look, while displaying one of the four popular Nooka faces. Offering a multitude of combinations, the Zem is available in either a black leather band or a matching metal snake-like band. Measures 4.15" x 2.93" x 3.82"


  • · NOOKA - Born in NYC, Nooka is designed to bring the philosophy of Universal Language to the masses. Inspired by math and science, common 'languages' that bridge the gap between people across the globe, Nooka believes that strong visual design can be a communication tool, and seeks to promote exchanging ideas around the world
  • · FUTURISM - The future should not look like the past, and Nooka's designs ensure that it doesn't. Every technological advance, every new form or material is worked into Nooka's repertoire, allowing them to design out-of-this-world accessories you won't find anywhere else.
  • · INTERACT DIFFERENTLY - The unique shapes, designs, and colors of Nooka's futuristic accessories will change the way you think. Nooka watches are read differently than you're used to, but such a shift helps expand the mind to be open to new ways of thinking. Plus, each of Nooka's radical designs is a surefire conversation starter, everywhere you go.
  • · PURPOSE - Great design is nothing if you can't use it. All Nooka products are designed not only to look good, but to work well, too; so you can go out knowing that your watch, belt, or sunglasses will perform just as you expect them to.
  • · PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - Measures 4.15" x 2.93" x 3.82"


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Brand Nooka
Material Stainless steel


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