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Masonic Cufflinks

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7 Item(s)

These cufflinks with Masonic symbols are often found on such jewelry as rings, tie tacks and cufflinks. It is not definitively known as to what degree a mason must be to be able to wear such jewelry; however, many masons proudly wear such accessories to show their loyalty to the organization.

Our Masonic cufflinks Collection make terrific gifts for those persons who are members of the organization, and/or perhaps a member will want to buy one for themselves. Whatever the case may be, these lovely cufflinks come in affordable prices so that anyone can find one that won't hurt their budget. They can choose between sterling silver and metal and colors of gold, purple or silver. There are square links and round links. There is even a pair of Masonic Skull cufflinks with a bullet back, each of these cufflinks display the mason symbol for men to wear on their sleeves proudly.

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