Lava Aire White/Black Steel 500 Watts/ 4 Amps Aviator X4 Misting Fan

Lava Aire White/Black Steel 500 Watts/ 4 Amps Aviator X4 Misting Fan


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Lava Aire Aviator X4 Misting Fan - Commercial - Electric Patio Cooler: The Aviator X4's beautifully designed clean shell and advanced cool-misting technology was inspired by modern day turbo jet engines that can be ound in the aviation industry. The unit provides double duty cooling employing the power of wind and water. The Aviator X4 has a compact 15" blade diameter that provides serious power while the centrifugal misting system further cools the air by dispursing fine misting particles throughout the coverage area. Commercial venues and home owners worldwide are enjoying this revolutionary cooling product on their pool decks, patios and virtually anywhere that requires a temperature drop. The Aviator X4 provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted cooling and serious performance without the noise. Further increasing this unit's versatility is an oscillating head to provide increased coverage of up to 1,000 sq. ft. With our proprietary technology, the Aviator X4 actually creates mist particles with a diameter of 10-25 microns and emits them through a centrifugal cooling system decreasing temperatures by up to 30 degrees within the cooling area. Water is sprayed onto the high-speed rolling plate which disperses the water particals throughout the affected area. The entire unit is made of industrial strength die cast and high quality aluminum alloy featuring heavy-duty metal construction with anti-corrosive parts, anti-uv and anti-aging engineering materials which can withstand sustained use and abuse without compromising performance. The Aviator X4 frame rests on a set of 5 commercial grade casters. The unit can be easliy manuervered with a convinient handle. The water tank is easy to fill, and a single tank can hold up to 16 gallons of reserved water at the base tank. The Aviator X4 is extremely energy efficient. It uses a mere 430 Watts but produces a powerful 1,700 RPM on a 120 Volt/60Hz electric circut. Available finishes: Pearl White.


  • · Power Source: Electric
  • · Wattage/BTU: 500 Watts/ 4 Amps
  • · Consumption Rate: Electric - Continuous Use
  • · Material: Steel/Plastic
  • · Energy Efficiency: 10% the Actual Operating Cost Compared to a Traditional HVAC


Additional Information

Color White/Black
Brand Lava Aire
Material Steel/Plastic
Color White
Dimensions 27" x 27" x 79"


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