Top 5 Summer Sunglasses Under $25

By Spencer Norman July 29, 2014

Summer’s here and that means it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunlight. You can take a trip to the beach, play a few rounds of golf, or even lounge at the pool soaking up the sun. But don’t forget how bright the sun is because your eyes will definitely notice. A good pair of shades is a must have during the summer, and now it’s a great time to upgrade. You don’t need to break the bank on your specs to still look stylish. Here are 5 pairs of summer shades under $25 that are perfect for this summer.


Zoo York Sunglasses


Zoo York Sunglasses w/ Wayfarer Style Revo Lens - $15.00

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t buy a stylish brand like Zoo York. Getting a pair of shades like these for $15.00 can only be called one thing... a steal! You’ll catch everyone’s eye with the unique mirrored lenses and thick rims. These shades are perfect for a trip to the lake or a quick midday ice cream run.

Dickies Amber Lens Sunglasses


Dickies Black Square Sunglasses - $16.50

These shades from Dickies may be slim in the frames, but they pack a punch with the lenses. The amber lenses provide 100% UV Protection, making them great for any outdoor excursions. While others are spending all their money on shades, you’ll have plenty leftover to go out and enjoy the summer.

Dickies Aviators


Dickies Aviator Sunglasses - $14.50

The quintessential cool shape can be yours with these Dickies Aviators. The purple lenses add a new spin on the traditional style, while the metal frames provide that classic feel.

Maxx HD Sunglasses


Maxx HD Black Retro Full Frame Sunglasses - $24.99

If you plan on having an active summer outdoors then grab a pair of these Maxx HD Full Frame Sunglasses. These shades are built to last in any condition with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, ultra-light frames, and 100% UV protection. Any outdoorsman would be wise to add a pair of shades like these to their summer must-have list.

Quay Sunglasses

Quay Black Retro Square Frame Sunglasses - $15.99

Look like a blast from the past with these Quay Retro Square Frame Sunglasses. These shades feature a square frame that hugs your face and shows that you are serious about having a good time this summer.

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