Spooky Cufflinks for Halloween

By Spencer Norman October 30, 2014

Booooo, October is the time for ghouls and goblins to come out. Embrace your inner Vampire, Werewolf, or Zombie this time of year. We know you can’t wear a costume to work everyday, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t show a little Halloween spirit on your wrists. So here are our Top 7 Scariest Cufflinks.

Knife Cufflinks


Mise en Place Knife Cufflinks

Normally these links are perfect for the cooking aficionados of the world, but once Halloween rolls around they take on a whole different purpose. If you’ve ever watched a Mike Myers film (the scary one, not the comedian) or Scream, then you know what i’m talking about.

Vampire Cufflinks


Vampire Cufflinks

I vant to suck your blood! These creatures of the night will try to take a bite out of your wrists if you aren’t too careful. Just make sure you only wear them out at night or they’ll turn into dust*.

*They won’t actually do that.

King Tut Cufflinks


King Tut's Pharaoh Cufflinks

Be careful when you open up that sarcophagus, you never know when a mummy like King Tut could be laying on the other side. He’s been waiting for some company for nearly 5000 years.

Frankenstein Cufflinks

Silver Frankenstein Cufflinks

It’s ALIVE!!! These Silver Frankenstein Cufflinks aren’t really alive, unless you get struck by lightning, then we aren’t liable for what monster they may turn into.

Day of the Dead Cufflinks

Day of the Dead Skull Cufflinks

How we celebrate Halloween here in the states isn’t how it is celebrated in other countries. If you want to add some color to that office shirt as well as celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) then you can’t go wrong with these Day of the Dead Skull Cufflinks from Cufflinks, Inc.

Double Skull Rose Tattoo Cufflinks

Double Skull Rose Tattoo Cufflinks

Skulls are synonymous with Halloween, so what better way to add a little holiday spirit to your french cuff shirt than with a pair of handcrafted Double Skull Rose Tattoo Cufflinks. Your whole office will want a pair when they see them on you.

And finally, we’ve combed through our site to find the scariest cufflinks of all. When our intern found this pair he was almost scared to death, we knew then that these were by far the scariest links we could find…

Wedding Cufflinks

Gold Bride & Groom Wedding Hand Pained Enamel Cufflinks

Horrifying, absolutely horrifying. But if you do find yourself in this position, might we recommend checking out our Top 10 Gifts for Groomsmen.

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