Eco-Friendly Wooden Accessories

By Spencer Norman December 23, 2014
It's time to ditch the plastic and metal for something Mother Nature would approve of, like some Eco Friendly Wooden Accessories from!All of these products are reusable and environmentally friendly because they have been made out of wood. From shades to ties and even watches, you can find a great wooden accessory that looks super stylish.
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Fun Wine Accessories: VIDEO

By Spencer Norman October 30, 2014
What's better than a nice glass of wine after a long day? Relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home or take a bottle with you to dinner. Whatever the reason, we have the accessories to help extend the life and quality of your next drink. Help keep the taste of an unfinished bottle of wine or transport the bottle from one location to the next without worrying about breaking it. We have all the wine accessories that you need to do exactly those things. Add some fun to your wine experience and take your wine game to the next level.

CuffCrazy NFL Preview

By Spencer Norman September 4, 2014
The thrill of the NFL season is finally upon us. Here at CuffCrazy we can barely contain our excitement that the season is underway. You see, not only are we purveyors of some of the finest cufflinks around, but we also fashion ourselves top rate NFL prognosticators. Without further ado here is our forecast for the season.
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Outrageously Cool Back-to-School Backpacks Guide

By Spencer Norman August 8, 2014

Who says the Final Four only comes in March? We have scoured through our wide selection of backpacks for the 4 Most Outrageous Backpacks. These are kids who aren’t concerned with blending in, it’s all about standing out. So let’s cut to the chase and introduce our Final Four lineup.

Simple Watch Style Guide

By Annie Huynh July 29, 2014

Everyone needs a watch. Just as every woman has that default, little black dress in their closet, every man should have a default watch. But the real question is how do you know which type of style you’re looking for?