Baade II Doctor Medical Symbol Cufflinks

Baade II Doctor Medical Symbol Cufflinks


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This exclusive pair is the perfect pair of cufflinks that would be perfect for the doctor in your family or group of friends. Designed by Baade II these cufflinks feature a medical doctor symbol on a silver setting. Each pair of cufflinks is crafted using Baade II’s hand-fired method for its creation and is hand-enameled using cloisonné and champlevé techniques. Each pair of Baade II Medical Symbol Cufflinks comes with a Baade II Gift Box.For over two decades Baade II has crafted some of the finest exclusive cufflinks you will find. Starting as a family owned jewelry maker Baade II has continued to emphasize the philosophy that size does not matter, detail does. From animal cufflinks to tuxedo cufflink and stud sets Baade II has designed some of the most unique set of hand-made cufflinks using their Vitreous hand-enameled style of creating cufflinks. The Vitrous style uses cloisonné and champlevé techniques using various metal material, which is hailed as America’s finest hand-made artisan designs


  • · Medical Symbol
  • · Perfect cufflinks for Doctors
  • · Baade II Handmade
  • · Beautifully presented in a Gift Box!
  • · Each set of cufflinks comes presented in a nicely packaged gift box


Additional Information

Color Black , Silver
Brand Baade II
Material Base Metal
Color Black
Backing Type Bullet Back